Get Rid Of Ransomware: The NetApp holistic approach to ransomware recovery

Ransomware Recovery

What is ransomware recovery?

Three effective steps NetApp remediate your environment properly and holistically from ransomware infection.


Ransomware Recovery Step 1 — Contain/Isolate

Ransomware Recovery- Prepare

Ransomware Recovery Step 2 — Prepare/Patch

Ransomware recovery

Ransomware Recovery Step 3 — Recover/Restore

Ransomware Recovery: ONTAP recovery capabilities

ONTAP Snapshot™ recovery in seconds

ransomware attack
Snapshot copies

ONTAP Snapshot™ Resilient Retention Period

Controllable Snapshot Auto-Deletion


NetApp SnapLock Provides WORM Immutable Storage

NetApp SnapLock

Active IQ Unified Manager — Ransomware protection best practices

Conclusion: NetApp ONTAP® holistic approach to the whole ransomware recovery


Storage: NetApp ONTAP

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