Is Windows 365 different from previous cloud computers?

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5 min readDec 7, 2021

Is Windows 365 different from previous cloud computers?

Utilize business opportunities after the epidemic! Microsoft Windows 365 services and expands the cloud layout…

The hybrid office model has completely transformed the role of technology in today’s enterprise organizations. Faced with the labour force, they are less geographically restricted than before. Enterprise organizations need a new model that is more versatile, simpler, and safer to create a staff work experience. The Cloud PC created by Windows 365 will become a new type of hybrid personal cloud computing, which can transform any device into a more personalized, efficient, and highly secure digital working environment.

Windows 365
Windows 365 becomes a new type of hybrid personal cloud computing

“The release of Windows 365 is only the beginning. As the boundary between installation and cloud becomes more and more blurred, infinite possibilities will be created in the future.”

Windows 365 assists employees in solving the long-standing challenges before the outbreak of the epidemic. For example, employees hope to gain greater spiritual activity in their work and choose to work in different places while ensuring the security of organizational data. Seasonal workers can join or exit the team more spiritually without facing complicated logistics processes, including applying for new installations from enterprises or encrypting personal devices during work. At the same time, the organization can expand its business more efficiently and safely even in busy times. Enterprises can also more easily allocate stronger computing power for employees engaged in creative, analytical, engineering, or scientific research, and set secure access rights for related applications.

hybrid office
The hybrid office model of Windows 365

The transformation brought about by Windows 365: powerful performance, easy operation, and well-equipped. However, it is worth mentioning that the commercial users referred to by Microsoft are not single large enterprise customers, even if they are operated by one person.

Office 365

Office 365 is a customized cross-platform office software. Based on the cloud platform, it provides a variety of services. By combining Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook, OneNote, and other applications with powerful cloud services such as OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, anyone can create and share content anytime and anywhere with any device.

Office 365 combines the advantages of Office desktop applications with enterprise mail processing, file sharing, instant messaging, and videoconferencing (Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Skype for The integration of business meets the needs of different types of enterprises.

Office 365 includes the latest version of the Office suite, which supports installing Office apps on multiple devices. Office 365 adopts a customized method, which can be used for annual or monthly fees.

Office 365

As a software and cloud service launched by Microsoft, contains the following types of applications:

The first is editing and creation, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. are used to edit and write things.

The second is mail, socialization, Outlook, Exchange, Yammer, Teams, Office 365 micro assistants.

The third is site and network content management, focusing on SharePoint and OneDrive products to achieve synchronous editing, file sharing, and collaboration.

The fourth is conversation and voice, such as Skype for Business.

Fifth, report and analyse products such as Power BI and MyAnalytics.

The sixth is business planning and management, Microsoft Bookings, StaffHub, Project Online, Visio Online, etc.

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So how is Windows 365 different from previous cloud computers?

In addition to running across devices, it will create a new hybrid personal computing category called Cloud PC. In short, it can provide a complete and personalized system experience according to the cloud system and the actual functions of your device. In this way, every time you turn on the cloud computer, you will be familiar with it.

Windows 365

The applications, data, and settings you use on your Cloud PC can also be sent from the cloud to the device you want. In terms of security, all your data in the system will be stored in the cloud, not in the device. In addition, sometimes limited by the use environment, cloud computers may have usage interruptions. With Cloud PC, users can log in on various devices and continue to work from the last interrupted place to provide a simple and familiar Windows experience through the cloud.

In terms of configuration, Microsoft provides 1, 2, 4, and 8-core CPUs, with memory ranging from 2GB to 32GB, and 64GB-512GB of storage space.

If you have a special need for configuration, Microsoft also provides enterprise and commercial versions. However, one thing is that although Windows 365 can choose Windows 10 or 11, the latter can only be used normally until later.

The use of cloud computers still has certain requirements for the network, so it may be the most appropriate to use it in an enterprise environment or a wireless network environment.

Cloud computer
Windows 365


Since the Internet has entered the optical fiber era, people have never stopped thinking about the cloud era, and in recent years, there have indeed been heavy cloud applications based on the Internet, such as cloud offices and cloud games. However, when a blockbuster product like Windows finally went to the cloud, many people finally realized that this might be an important sign opened in the cloud era.

Generally speaking, the emergence of Windows 365 cloud computers means that Windows-level system platforms have also entered the cloud era. With the advancement of the Internet, more and more traditional applications will combine with the network to produce new products. I look forward to more wonderful cloud services in the future…

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