Need Backup? Use Veeam EndPoint Backup & Replication for ‘free’

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Need Backup? Use Veeam EndPoint Backup & Replication for ‘free’

Really powerful modernized data protection

You managed to know from our last blog how Jetico BestCrypt Data Shelter and BestCrypt Volume Encryption works in endpoint protection. Is there any easy-to-use free system backup software?

Veeam, a large backup factory, provides physical bare machine backup software, which can be used free of charge:

Veeam endpoint backup

Remember to make the original ISO file immediately after the first installation, in preparation for the destruction of the whole machine, you can use the ISO to restore the original. If you don’t do ISO, you must still turn on the original machine normally to return the original…

The virtual machine Veeam also provides free backups for less than 10 community versions:

Backup — Veeam EndPoint Backup “Free”

Veeam EndPoint Backup

Veeam’s use is not just preparation, strange rewriting, transmission pressure, fault tolerance, emergency download, are all his strengths… Most other traditional backup software can only be used as one backup… I was also surprised. I didn’t expect Veeam to be so strong with built-in and external hangers…

This review is about a simple, powerful and free backup tool for Windows: Microsoft Windows Free’s Veeam Agent (formerly known as Veeam Endpoint Backup Free), which allows you to lightly Loosen the creation of system images, discs, or partition backups. Or network drive, restore the data and restore the system in some common cases. Windows 10, 8, and 7 have built-in backup tools that allow you to save system status and important files at a specific time.

With the continuous expansion of digitalization, enterprises have many opportunities to improve, automate and streamline data protection measures. However, the more options there are, the more challenges the organization faces in IT and data management. The use of public cloud has increased rapidly, and IT professionals have to ponder how to transfer and manage data more efficiently in different environments. In addition, in order to maintain operational efficiency and take into account budgetary constraints, it is becoming more and more difficult to achieve the goal of recovery in an increasingly decentralized environment.

Veeam Backup & Replication

Data protection solutions must not only meet operational goals but also be prepared to respond to the growth of enterprises; in the absence of reliable solutions, these problems may quickly deteriorate.

Veeam Backup & Replication has a full range of enterprise-level data protection functions, which are dedicated to solving the new generation of operational problems. Veeam is not only powerful and expandable but also easy to use. It can respond to the needs of enterprises, help reduce operating expenses, and has the leading reliability in the market, which is trustworthy. It is powerful, simple, and stable. It can provide a high degree of useability for cloud, virtual and physical workloads, which is an ideal solution. Any location or workload type of data can be excellently protected.

Veeam Backup & Replication

Veeam Endpoint Backup — Powerful modernization function

Veeam Backup & Replication provides leading functions in the industry, including:

• Cloud, virtual and physical backup and recovery options

• Execute image-level virtual machine (VM) from VM or backup files

Veeam Backup & Replication can effectively protect the following workloads:

  • Cloud AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Virtual VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Nutanix AHV
  • Physical Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows and Linux
  • Applications Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP

Main functions:

• Backup and recovery: Use a variety of backups and detailed data recovery options to ensure that the data is ready and recoverable.

• Automatisation: Prepare, test, and coordinate DR strategies to protect related applications.

• Cloud compatibility: If the cloud is part of your data center strategy, please be prepared so that you can prepare and restore the source in both directions from the cloud (or in the cloud) to achieve the purpose of data availability and cost savings.

• Governance and compliance: effectively manage the backup file through virtual testing to ensure that the data copy is recoverable and safe and compatible.

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Veeam Endpoint Backup — Product Overview

• Built-in Veeam Agent for Linux and Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows management and department functions

• Provide unlimited storage capacity for Scale-out Backup RepositoryTM and Veeam Cloud Tier object storage support

• Simple 2 steps to return to AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other spaces

• Veeam DataLabsTM: proven recovery ability, safety, compliance, and virtual sandbox testing

• Veeam ExplorersTM for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Active Directory,

Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle

• Storage snapshots and advanced storage integration

• Enterprise-level SAP HANA and Oracle RMAN plug-ins

• Data integration API and Universal Storage API

• Built-in wide area network acceleration with large bandwidth mode

• Encryption, compression, and duplicate data deletion

There are more wonderful functions!

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Continuously expanding attitude system

Veeam Endpoint Backup

Veeam is defined by software and is not limited by hardware. Veeam works with many partners to build a complete ecosystem, and customers do not need to implement specific factory-specific solutions to achieve their goals. With the assistance of Veeam, customers can choose their own infrastructure and storage platform, and maximize the benefits with existing equipment and future purchase infrastructure. In addition, Veeam continuously expands APIs to integrate third-party products, including data exploration, data reuse, and other advanced functions.

Veeam Endpoint backup: Introduction to the new features of the v11 version

Veeam Endpoint Backup

Industry-leading backup and recovery

  • Fast, image-based backup, application-aware, for NAS, VMware Windows, and more!
  • Native backup and recovery for Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud
  • Bulletproof ransomware protection with immutable backups
  • Achieve data retention goals without increasing monthly bills

Replication and Disaster Recovery

  • Get sub-minute RPO with Veeam CDP and instantly failover to the latest state
  • Instant recovery and production data access for VMs, entire NAS shares, and SQL/Oracle databases using Instant Recovery®
  • One-click site recovery and disaster recovery testing with Veeam Disaster Recovery Orchestrator

Analysis and Monitoring

  • Unified monitoring and reporting across on-premises, cloud, and remote agents
  • Built-in intelligence to identify and help resolve common misconfiguration and backup issues
  • Effective capacity planning and forecasting to control your IT needs

Today’s ransomware — software development

Although the basic concepts of ransomware attacks (data encryption and ransom) have remained basically unchanged, cybercriminals will regularly change the way they operate.

From PayPal to Bitcoin — Because it is more difficult to track, cybercriminals now use Bitcoin to ask for ransom. In the past, they mainly used PayPal to achieve this goal.

Distribution — At first, spam was recognized as the main attack point. Although these are irrelevant today, VPN vulnerabilities and distribution through botnets are still common options today.

Just as cybercriminals drive the development of ransomware, anti-ransomware protection is also evolving and becoming more effective and efficient.


Although experts have been strongly appealing that “if you are a victim of ransomware, don’t pay ransom”, in the face of the threat of lawbreakers to destroy data, To be or Not to be is a difficult choice. According to statistics, 48% of enterprises threatened by ransomware said that they would eventually agree to pay, and their mood was complicated. This greatly increases the success rate of ransomware attacks.

As with other forms of malware, when it comes to ransomware, caution, and the use of excellent security software are excellent steps in the right direction. For this type of malware, creating backups is particularly important, which can keep you ready even in the worst case.

In sum, remember our proposed effective and economic solution,

  • Jetico BestCrypt: without great loss of computer performance, provide the safest state of your data in your volume and/or container drives
  • Jetico Data Shelter: prevent the files/data from being touched by Ransomware
  • Veeam Backup Agent: an effective and powerful backup solution from a high reputation Backup software vendor.

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